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Flexible Social Housing

Led by / Prof Zvi Efrat, arch Alon Sarig
With / Yuval Even

The project is located in the west of the city of Berlin, in an area where the built structure is characterized by the traditional residential blocks of Berlin, and therefore design is adapted to the nature of the construction in the urban block. The project offers a new interpretation of the Berlin residence that has been adapted to the needs of people from the lower socio-economic class. The structural system allows the expansion and reduction of the housing units, one at the expense of the other. This flexible system allows a person with little financial ability to live in a small apartment (minimum - 24 square meters) and to expand according to the availability of the adjoining apartments, and his financial capacity, to a larger apartment (maximum - 77 square meters).


The key for providing this kind of flexibility, is in the positioning of the fixed vertical elements of the building, like columns and vertical systems as sewage and drainage. The strategic location of this elements, together with the redundancy of the systems, allows relatively high number of possible apartments layouts, that can be modify easily. This structural system, can be seen as a continuation and development of the free-plan concept that was introduced by la corbusier.

circulation diagram-01.png
plans -01.png
plans -02.png
detailed plans [Recovered]-02.png
detailed plans [Recovered]-08.png
detailed plans [Recovered]-04.png
Killing Image .png
detailed plans [Recovered]-07.png
detailed plans [Recovered]-05.png
detailed plans [Recovered]-01.png
detailed plans [Recovered]-03.png
Detail Brick-01.png
Detail 3D-01.png
facade detail.jpg
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