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Werehouse/Workspace | Flexible R&D Center

Led by | Arch. Dan Handel, Arch. Daniel Zarhy, Tal Erez, Arch. Roni Schanin

The nature of the R&D process, which is non-linear and unpredictable, along with the ever-increasing pace of the development of new technologies, requires rethinking of how R&D buildings are designed. The project  proposes an R&D center, intended for the development of physical products and technologies from various fields and in a wide range of scales, designed as an open infrastructure, capable of adapting to changing needs. Flexibility is reflected in the central work space, which is designed as a high open box, free of distractions. The space allows high degree of flexibility and freedom; both in terms of the size and scope of the developed product, and in terms of the possibility of dividing the area.


Moreover, the floor of the central space is made of motorized floor tiles which can rise up, as elevating work platform, creating different spatial situations and varied work configurations. The central box is surrounded by a ring, which contains all the supporting functions, technical spaces, offices and leisure areas. The peripheral ring rises above the ground at two points, allowing direct access from the outside to the central box; one functions as the main entrance for employees and visitors, while the other is a technical and logistic entrance for vehicles. The building utilizes the need for flexibility as a design method, creating a space that responds to changing needs and an unknown future.

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Section | Main workspace

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Volume | Box

Volume | Ring

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Flexible Workstations






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