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Multi Layered Heritage / The Case of Palazzolo Acreide

Led by | Arch. Jean Pier Crousse & Sandra Barclay with Can Bui

"Multilayered Heritage: the Case of Palazzolo Acreide” seeks to compose a new narrative of "sacred" for the small baroque towns of the Anapo Valley, Sicily.

The project seeks to challenge the UNESCO definition of the baroque as the only valuable heritage in those towns and to include other layers in the narrative, from neglected medieval ruins to abandoned modern sites.


The project aims to create a connection between the different heritage sites and to enhance the relationship between the safeguarded landmarks and the surrounding local community. Through a series of architectural interventions at various scales, spanning from streetscape to building, the  project offers a spatial and programatic infrastructure serving both visitors and locals.


The "Heritage Path" approach harnesses tourism revenue and regional investments to actively contribute to the holistic revitalization of these historically significant towns, intervening in a almost surgical manner in the existing built fabric, with the aim to induce transformative changes throughout the entire town.

231017_Field of Monuments.jpg
231130_Section Perspectives-02.jpg
231130_Section Perspectives-01.jpg
231202 Interior.jpg
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