R&D Center

Led by | Arch. Dan Handel, Arch. Daniel Zarhy, Tal Erez
Collaboration with | Yotam Oron, Omri Alon

The Focus of the building is to enable a flexible architecture that can accommodate unexpected events, while meeting the needs of the R&D process; which beyond flexibility requires professional collaborations, access to different tools, social interaction and a unique mix of leisure and informal processes.

The building consists of a central volume surrounded by a peripheral ring. The central volume offers a wide and tall space, a kind of "hangar", without disturbing vertical elements, which constitutes the central work and production space. This space allows work on projects of varying sizes simultaneously and adaptation to special events. In addition, the space is made from a floor module that can rise from the floor to different heights, creating different spatial situations and modular work positions.


Floor Module


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פרט מעטפת.jpg
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Section | Main workspace

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Facade Detail

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Flexible Workstations