Open Block | Digital Urban Planning System

Collab With | Yotam Oron
Led by | Arch. Matan Sapir, Arch. Maayan First

The project offers a digital urban planning system that aims to regulate independent planning of its users, maximising flexibility while maintaining defined urban restrictions. The goal of the system is to create a democratic and balanced city that preserves the public good, is suitable for changing needs, and enables participation and freedom for its users.


The system functions on the scale of the urban block, as a basic urban unit. This way, it refers to a specific situation that includes existing plots, programs, residents and other stakeholders, and also has potential to work on a larger urban scale.


Unlike today’s urban master plans that are static, final and long-lasting, the projects offers flexible rules and relative parameters ​​whose values ​​can be changed - enabling free and independent planning.


Possible Outcome | Low Rise


Possible Outcome | Mid Rise


Possible Outcome | High Rise

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Public Center as a Generator

איזומטריה עירונית

Connections Between City Blocks