Dead Spaces | Burial Alternatives for Israel

Collab with: Yotam Oron
Led by | Arch. Barak Pelman, Arch. Ori Scialom, Arch. Edith Kofsky

The project responds to the severe burial-space crisis in Israel, by proposing a drastic reduction of burial spaces required, improving their spatial and ceremonial quality, and integrating them as part of the urban landscape.

In order to achieve high density of burial spaces in a manner that fully complies with Jewish religious stipulations, the project uses the ancient Jewish burial practice of the Ossuary (a compact burial unit) and a two-stage burial process – updating them to present needs. In addition to proposing a more space-efficient solution, the project utilizes burial as an opportunity to create unique public spaces that are integrated into the urban environment and daily life, informed by the view that death is an integral part of life.

The proposal presents a comprehensive solution that spans a range of scales – from the individual burial unit to an overall strategic national plan – which provide a solution to the death expectancy in Tel Aviv metropolitan area over the next hundred years

14 Possible Interventions

The project presents a wide range of alternative cemetery designs in order to open the spatial discussion in the context of burial both within the discipline and the general public.

1M TOWER-01.jpg
3 Hahagana Tower-01.jpg
200718_Existing Building-01.jpg
13 גן זיכרון-01.jpg
10 חצרות שקועות-01.jpg
8 מגדל שלום-01.jpg
06 פארק חצוב-01.jpg
04 מגדל טיילת-01.jpg
2 TAAS HASHALOM-01-01.jpg
14 מרחב ביתי-01.jpg
12 קיר צד-01.jpg
11 חומה קיימת-01.jpg

Intervention 07 | Public Park

A public garden that is integrated into an urban block in center Tel aviv. This intervention offers a burial space that is a part of the urban routine, while creating a unique public space; connected and separated from the burial space. 

200717_Infill Sections-01.jpg
A2 - Infill iso-01.jpg
Infill Persp. Section-01.jpg
A3 - Tekes-01.jpg
A3 - Hitkansut-01.jpg
A3 - Masa-01.jpg

Intervention 5 | Hill Building 

A sloped building with a green roof, located on the border of Kfar Saba and Hod Hasharon. The structure mediates between the urban fabric and the edge of the city; The main road and railway tracks - while serving as a public green space for the neighborhood.

הר - איזומטריה .jpg
iso plans for print-3-01.jpg
Har Secttion1-01.jpg
Har Section2-01-01.jpg
הר - מבט1.jpg
הר- מבט2.jpg
הר- מבט3.jpg
הר - מבט3.jpg